Friday, October 23, 2009

2009 SPOTLIGHT TEACHER GALA (Salute to the Stars)

The Spotlight Teacher Award
What does it mean to be an exemplary teacher? The district's Portrait of a CFISD Teacher describes these characteristics.
  • Intructional Strategist
  • Creator of Student-centered Environment
  • Positive Role Model
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Team Player
This year Cy-Fair ATPE Local sponsored Post Elementary "SPOTLIGHT TEACHER" Anne DonLevy.

Turning Point
Anne DonLevy - Post Elementary School
Grade 1 - Math, Science, and Social Studies
As I walked into the classroom, I knew the school year would be different. Almost every day of the previous school year, the older children in the neighborhood had to drag me, crying, to school; but from now on, I would come enthusiastically.
This was a place I wanted to be—an inviting room with stars hanging from the ceiling and areas for different activities. A piano sat ready for my new teacher’s able fingers and strong voice. She welcomed us to the classroom with a genuine smile and assured us we were in the right place.
My desk was labeled just for me, and my teacher addressed me by name. I was immediately comfortable. I knew that she cared about me not only as a student in her class, but also as a person.
Learning was fun again. Being given the confidence I needed transformed me from a shy, unhappy student into one who loved learning. I wanted to be just like my teacher.
My mom must have gotten tired of listening to me talk about her. I am sure that I was not the first girl in her class who insisted on wearing a dress every day because her teacher did. To this day, I still recall Mrs. Bargerhoff as my favorite teacher, as well as the one I hope to emulate every day in my classroom.